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May 12

Up early! Driving and winding, fast! through the ancient limestone Virgin River Gorge, of northern Arizona. shuttling north to a rattling and dusty double track. Soon, the once peacefully defined road begins to get invaded and overtaken by stone and flora. The half the path is now completely severed by, desert sages, Creosote, Black Brush, and Tamarisks. we park, at desperate looking single track path. We pack, heave and march floating essentials, maybe a half a mile, to seldom seen gap in the Russian olive and tamarisks, to the rivers edge. Our vessel, a Bandit 2 tandem inflatable kayak, or a double ducky, is inflated to the proper pressure. The dry bags packed with snacks and clothes, then stowed at the stern. Beer bag properly, filled, sealed, tied off, and tossed overboard, to chill. We camouflage the sun baked heap, and follow the trail back to the truck.

On the quick drive back down the freeway, to the take out. Trying to Prepare ourselves for the utterly frightening first five I-15 miles of our, soon to be realized, Epic EBike Route! Narrowly escaping the Freeway Rush, we made it to our desert access road. The dirt road soon turned faint and rocky, into a single track, then to a sand wash, and finally an endless mud bog. back to single track and to our river craft.

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