Assemble Bike by Yourself

In this free mini-course you will learn how to assemble your own bike with only simple tools.. 

Assembling a new bike out of the box

A person would like to order his first bike in an online store, but fears that he will not have enough skills to assemble it out of the box. The situation is vital, many beginners prefer to buy a bike in a regular store, where the price is higher and the choice is limited, but nothing needs to be assembled and set up.

With this note, I want to convey the idea that the process of assembling a bike out of the box is so simple that everything will take no more than half an hour, even for a person who is far from cycling.

What's In The Course?

Build options

To create a two-wheeled projectile completely out of nothing, you need to have a lot of professional skills that not every cycling enthusiast has.

What is a bike made of?

First, let’s figure out what parts the average bike has in general. So, a modern bicycle consists of a total of about twelve parts.

Preparation and assembly

In this module, you finally get to know the art of building your first (or non-first) bike. Which will delight you all the time you use it.

Learn How To assemble Bike

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